We’ve had lots of clients gearing up for summer travel plans and asking about boarding their cat or dog at ERAH. We love having our patients stay with us, and are proud to offer a low-stress boarding option in Joliet. 

First Class Treatment

We like to think of our boarding kennel as the First Class Lounge. It starts with comfortable kennels and condos, incorporates individual preferences, and expects the unexpected. We know some pets are social eaters and need a cuddle at meal time, while others do best with extra privacy. All pets do better when the kennel is a calm environment, so we make sure there aren’t any dogs barking excessively or other unnecessary disturbances. Our staff is trained to identify subtle signs of stress in pets under our care, and bring these signs to the attention of our veterinarians right away.


Our hospital has a kennel facility attached, and we are set up to board both dogs and cats. All dogs who stay with us benefit from our new kennel area, ready to be personalized with all the comforts of home. We also have special cat condos, designed to be bright, quiet, and provide a sense of privacy for our feline guests.


We take your pet’s physical and mental well-being very seriously and feel these are of paramount importance while you are away. Every pet staying with us receives daily individualized attention. Dogs are taken out several times a day and have supervised daily play time. Cats have space in the privacy of their own condo to play and staff provide daily attention, tailored to each cat’s preferences. We encourage our furry guests to bring favorite bedding, toys, and treats from home, so we can make their environment feel familiar, and keep favorite routines intact.


If your pet takes regular medication, we are able to continue their treatment while you are gone. This applies to short term and long term medications. We can also monitor any health concerns and make sure your pet is feeling his best.


As a full-service veterinary hospital, we can provide any necessary care during your pet’s stay. Regular checkups, preventative care, dental cleanings, and grooming are all available, and can be booked to be completed during boarding.


You can call our front desk anytime to book your pet’s stay with us. If you are an existing client, we’ll make sure your pet is up to date on protective medical care to stay with us. Generally, we require dogs staying with us to have vaccines for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough); for cats we usually require vaccines for rabies and feline distemper. If you have any concerns about these requirements, we’re always happy to talk and make sure we have a plan in place that keeps all our boarding pets healthy.

Have more questions? Give us a call! Spending time with our boarders is a true highlight of our day, so we would love to have your pet stay with us. We can arrange for you to get a tour of the facility and address any individual requirements your pet may have. Be sure to check out our tips for boarding pets and ways to make your travel plans pet-friendly in the meantime.

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