Essington Road's 2020 Holiday Gift Roundup -- Pet Lovers

Written by ERAH Nov 27 • 4 minute read

Essington Road's 2020 Holiday Gift Roundup

- Pet Lovers -

Now that you've picked out the perfect present for the four-legged family members, we suppose it would only be fair to get something for the two-legged ones as well. 

We've rounded up 20 gift ideas for the pet lovers in and out of your quarantine bubble, all guaranteed to bring some cheer.



1.  Personalized family mugs, pets included

This isn’t your standard dog-face-on-a-mug; Unifury takes it a step further with the whole personalized family on a mug (or a hoodie, ornament, T-shirt… you get the idea!) 

2.  Custom portrait keychains

Upload a picture and voila, you have gift perfection at your fingertips. 

3. Memorial Garden Stone

For loved ones who lost a loved one this year, help them create a special place to remember with a personalized garden stone. There are many available, but this one is a simple, classic option that will fit into any pet lover’s garden.


4. A Leash for Runners

Know a human who loves to run (but hates to be pulled) with a canine companion? This leash was designed to solve that exact problem and make runs more relaxing for all.


5. Recipes for Felines

A cookbook full of treats for every kitty. What self-respecting cat lady wouldn’t want this???


6. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Staying warm on early morning walks is no joke for dog owners. Hand warmers are a big help, but disposable ones aren’t exactly a green option. Enter rechargeable battery operated warmers; they double as a power bank, too! This version is a compact design with up to 3 hours of warmth, plenty for several winter dog walks before needing to recharge. 


7. Chic Pet Food Carrier

Prepare to bring pets on the road with a personalized pet food carrier. Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to style for friends who bring their four-legged friends with them on every adventure. 


8. Car Seat Protector

This isn’t your everyday car seat cover; with a built-in bed, canines will ride in comfort and cars will stay hair-free.


9. Triple-Duty Cat Bed

For friends short on space, this three-function piece is a blessing; side/entry table, cat bed, and tall cat scratcher in one. 


10. Umbrella Stand

Decorative and functional, you can bet friends don’t have one of these.


11. Natural Air Freshener

This bamboo charcoal air freshener is chemical-free and can be recharged with a simple sit in the sun, for everlasting use. The small size is perfect to place near litterboxes and the large size can keep an entire pet area smelling fresh. We maaaaay have ordered ourselves one already.


12. Queen Portrait

Did you know a female cat is called a queen? These custom portraits are both affordable and fun.


13. Decoding Pets

Two books from veterinary behaviorists help pet owners understand exactly what their cats and dogs are saying!


14. Pet hair be gone! – this roller has mini bristles designed to lift fur out of any fabric. In the constant quest for ways to tame the shedding demon, this is a winner.


15. Elevated cat bed – for friends struggling to find room on their desk for work in addition to a kitty coworker, this elevated cat bed is conveniently designed at desk height; place it up against a work-from-home setup for instant cat comfort and reclaimed workspace.


16. Wellingtons – a classic that never goes out of style, as well as an absolute necessity for dog owners!


17. Pup Socks – for friends with a love of fun socks; upload a pet photo and order custom printed socks; a perfect stocking stuffer.


18. DIY paw print ornament – this kit comes with everything your friend will need for an easy DIY project that will last a lifetime. Air dry clay lets pet owners make an impression of their pet’s paw and turn it into an ornament in a few minutes!


19. Snarky, but effective, candle – help brighten their home, while also poking fun at their cat obsession with a Crazy Cat Lady infused candle.


20. Remote pet camera and treat dispenser – this is truly a luxury pet item, but can be a lifesaver for pets with behavior or health issues that require monitoring when pet parents are away.

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