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Pet Health Can My Pet Get COVID-19?

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus has been on everyone’s minds this past year. While we’re still...

Jan 11 • 4 min read
Pet Health The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: Preventing Arthritis BEFORE It Starts

Journey is a great example of the typical arthritic pet that walks through our doors at Essington Ro...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Nov 2 • 4 min read
Pet Health The Five Ways Your Pet Says "I'm Itchy"... Other Than Scratching!

Dogs and [especially] cats have more than one way to scratch an itch. Just because Fluffy isn’t emul...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Aug 24 • 3 min read
Pet Health Three Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Cats are stoic creatures and it is rare for them to show obvious signs of illness until they are ver...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Aug 13 • 4 min read
Pet Health Lyme Disease in Joliet

Is Lyme disease a concern in Joliet? You betcha. Over the last seven years, we’ve seen cases skyrock...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Apr 27 • 4 min read
Pet Health First Aid for Pets

Being prepared has never seemed more prudent than this month! As Joliet, Illinois, and the entire c...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Apr 17 • 5 min read
Pet Health Dr. Adam's Three Step Plan If Your Pet is Poisoned

“Curiosity killed the cat” is an adage for a reason; never more so than in cases of eating poisonous...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Mar 20 • 3 min read
Pet Health How To Pick A Hypoallergenic Diet for Your Pet

  After a recent trip to a Joliet pet store, we realized just how tough you--our wonderful...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Feb 18 • 3 min read
Pet Health Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Pet Dental Cleanings

 Dental health is something we talk about A LOT at Essington Road Animal Hospital. Unlike other...

Dr. Adam Abou-Youssef Feb 4 • 4 min read

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