Personable Pet Grooming in Joliet

Consistent and appropriate grooming is essential for the overall happiness and well-being of your dog or cat. At Essington Road Animal Hospital, we are passionate about pets and in helping them achieve long-lasting health and beauty through our personalized grooming services. You can trust us to treat your family pets, and our experienced groomers will always give them with the compassion and respect they deserve. 

Whether your faithful companion needs a quick shampoo, a nail length check, or anti-flea treatment, we are here to help your pet look great and feel their best. Call our Joliet animal clinic to schedule your pet’s maintenance appointment today! 

Our Tailored Grooming Services 

With an emphasis on exceptional care and our ability to offer a wide variety of tailored services, we can groom pets of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Upon your arrival, please feel free let our staff know of any skin conditions or allergies your pet may have so that we can provide the right medicated shampoo and conditioner to address their needs accurately. We also encourage feedback on how you would like your furry family members to be styled. 

When visiting our Joliet clinic, you can feel secure in leaving your pet in our trusting hands for their grooming appointment and are welcome to come back later to pick them up all styled and ready to go. 

Your pet’s maintenance appointment will typically include:

  • Nail & Claw Care
  • Professional Shampoo
  • Hair Trim & Styling 
  • Shedding Treatment
  • Ear Cleaning

Comprehensive Care Under One Roof 

At Essington Road Animal Hospital, we are a full-service animal clinic dedicated to the many specific needs of your pet. With the convenience of having our skilled and compassionate veterinarians as well as our groomers in the same facility, we can notify our doctors promptly if we find any possible concerns that may require medical attention. Your pet can even be treated the same day for added convenience. 

Contact Us for Your Pet’s Essential Grooming Appointment Today!

Professional grooming appointments are available seven days a week, and we do require up-to-date vaccinations of your pet to ensure complete safety for both our staff and all the animals in our care. Call our Will County clinic today to schedule your family pet’s grooming appointment! 


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